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About Us

Committed to the holistic development of black boys everywhere.

Our Vision

Imagine a reality where black boys are seen as divine seeds.

A reality where their potential and ability to grow are never limited or underestimated; a place where they can take root and stand firm in the beauty of who they are, and who they will be.


Invest your love and your spirit into the power and potential of black boys. Rising Oak Foundation works to support and nurture the development of our boys into capable leaders standing firmly in their identities. ROF funds

non-profit organizations providing opportunities and experiences for black boys, such as summer camps, music camps, health initiatives, and youth leadership development, to name a few. Support our community by partnering with us in achieving this goal.


Engage in our vision to establish a nurturing and stimulating learning environment for black boys, where they can both explore and celebrate their infinite potential. Our interactive programming and resources directly support the intellectual, psychological and spiritual development of our boys. We are actively seeking new partners who share in this vision, with whom we can continuously create and support opportunities for our boys.


We believe all black boys deserve to be acknowledged and have their developing promise encouraged, regardless of their background or circumstance. By fostering strength, security and pride we will alleviate the cultural gap that currently exists, creating an inclusive and mutually supportive community of young black leaders, whose only yardstick is their own ability.

Rising Oak Foundation is a national 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization committed to the holistic development of black boys. Tax ID# 20-3248478.